• Her name is Desiree. She is also known as Dez. An Italian girl from Brooklyn with a distinct accent to go with it. She has been residing in Warrington, Pa for the past 17 years along with her family. Her favorite titles in life are, Nana, mother, wife, daughter, and friend. Desiree is a Nurse and part owner of an Italian eatery, along with her husband John. When Desiree isn’t working, she enjoys spending quality time together with her family. That goes for her fur babies too. Anyone that knows her well, will expect to find her soaking up the sun on a nice warm day, in her beautiful backyard, or lounging under the gazebo, where she sometimes does her readings.

  • Although Desiree has found her spiritual gift, becoming a nurse was one of the  biggest accomplishments for her, other than being a mom of course. She realized nursing was her calling when her grandmother started to decline. Her promise to her Nanny, before the passing of her death, was to become a nurse. This was a promise  she then had to fulfill. Desiree graduated with honors and awards ,while operating her own business, and raising a family. She has always been drawn to rewarding opportunities. Being a messenger for spirit is an amazing gift. She is very passionate about connecting people to their loved ones. Whether it may be a memory from the past, or a message regarding the present or future. There are always questions that need answers and messages to be heard.                                                                                                                                                                Desiree has helped many people along the way. Her gift is like the gift that keeps on giving. She leaves her clients with a feeling of peace in their minds and comfort in their hearts. The ability to connect people with their loved ones and provide some form of hope and closure, is very rewarding. It’s an unbelievable experience that really cant be put into words. Helping people in need is fulfilling to her and she looks forward to more rewarding experiences in the near future.

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